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Pressreader - Anderson Obiagwu


Anderson Obiagwu, CEO of Big A Entertainment and funder of AFRIMMA Awards, is one of the most reputable figures in African Dispora entertainment. He has built a penchant for excellence. An ardent and unrepresentative pillar of support for African youths, his...

Successful Entrepreneur Story | Anderson Obiagwu Success Story | Awakening Africa Conference

CEO of Afrimma and Big A Entertainment, Anderson Obiagwu shares his testimony about his journey in America, going from a respiratory therapy degree to being a successful entrepreneur. This event is part of The African Business Lounge event that took...

Anderson - early stages of Afrimma

AFRIMMA is international stage for African Artistes — founder

“There is nowhere like Africa in the world, that is why we are here and we are promoting African music. “BET (Black Entertainment Television) has been in business for so many years and we have an African category, but our artistes...


Obiagwu And 10 Years Of Crossing Boundaries

He is also heavily involved in charity work back in Nigeria, sponsoring youths in his area through school. He is known to be a believer in hard work and with that the sky is the limit. Hence, his passion to...

Growing Up in Aba Taught Me How to Hustle

Growing Up in Aba Taught Me How to Hustle

Anderson Obiagwu, the founder of AFRIMMA Awards, African Muzik Magazine and Big A Entertainment, has worked tirelessly to create a thriving diaspora entertainment brand for over a decade. He has worked alongside top talents from all over Africa, including Wizkid,...